Color and Tape In Hair Extensions

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Working With Color and Tape In Hair Extensions

Coping with color is a vital factor to think about when you are applying extensions to your clients’ hair. It’s crucial that you look for a color that blends well together with your clients’ hair. Although we provide over 30 colors, some clients may require custom-colored extensions. Area of the reason for extensions is they seamlessly blend to your clients’ hair for any natural-searching, larger, thicker look. Once the colour of your hair extensions don’t look quite right inside their hair, your hair extensions won’t blend seamlessly or look natural.

Frequently stylists believe that when they’re applying extensions they just have one colour of extensions, however, it isn’t really the situation. A lot of women have a wide array of colours inside their own hair. Frequently the surface layers of hair are lighter compared to under layers of hair. It is recommended that you really use multiple colors to obtain the right colors based on in which the wefts are now being applied in to the hair.

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When you’re trying to puzzle out which color will blend properly to your clients’ hair, you need to consider the extensions in multiple kinds of lighting. Once you determine which colors look very best in your clients’ hair within the salon, bring your client and color ring outdoors to determine exactly what the extensions may be like in natural lighting. Determine what colors look very best in both types of lighting. This helps to make certain the extensions look natural both inside and out of doors.

In case your client isn’t searching for volume or length, but really wants to add pops of color, speak to your client about while using extensions as highlights or lowlights. This can produce a really awesome effect. Make use of a contrasting color that pairs well using their natural hair color.

If you’re not able to locate a color that suits your client’s hair we advise altering the colour from the extensions as opposed to the natural hair. This is actually the best technique for creating beautiful, well-blended locks. The consumer will appreciate not damaging their head of hair with color.

You want to let the stylists that people use to become innovative and make new styles with this extensions. In case your clients want vibrant, vibrant colors within their hair, consider applying tape colored extensions. We would like your company to get more effective with the aid of tape in extensions. We help educate stylists how you can innovate with this extensions through our certification courses. Watch our courses to determine how tape in extensions will help you expand your company.

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