Polka dot maxi dress, most elegant fashion trends

polka dot maxi dress
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Polka dot maxi dress, most elegant fashion trends

The fashion trends come and go and something that was fashionable a few years ago is likely to come back sooner or later, so I hope you did not exclude your polka dot maxi dress  or that beautiful white bikini bottoms from your wardrobe because they are again in great demand.

Your personal style is one of the most important factors you should consider when wearing a polka dresses. One and the same dress will look very good on various occasions, the varied accessor will emphasize individuality.

The dots dress will never derail. It can be used at any time of the year. All you have to do is choose the color that suits you. Then for the accessories you should always try matching them with the color of the dress. However, since points are by themselves attractive, you do not need a lot of accessories to get an expressive image.

Dresses with dots are also clothes that highlight a retro style, so it will be good if you combine any garment with a bit of more daring accessories such as a brooch, necklace or vintage style handbag.

This polka dot maxi dress is perfect.

polka dot maxi dress

Silhouette of the dress is also important

V shape of a simple line is best to look with simple pumps. Most extravagant dress can be worn with shoes that have interesting details like the large buckle on the strap around the ankle and a bright flower on the front. The pointed toe shoes are suitable for the V-neck dress, and pointed round toe shoes in a sun-skirt.

White bikini bottoms

Because we are in the summer, bikinis and swimsuits are among the best when we go shopping. But when we start looking among the thousands of models existing on the market, the question arises inevitably: what color favors me more?

The unwritten rule of fashion speaks of black as the perfect shade that suits everything, giving the silhouette an elegant look, but it seems that this lemma does not apply in all situations because black is not the right choice on the beach. Thus the color that favors all the skin tones is white.

This white bikini bottoms that I really love is the one I found on rosegal.com.

white bikini bottoms

Fashion shocks are countless, but some unwritten rules must be respected. If a white dress gives the impression of volume and generous shapes, a white bikini bottoms accentuates shades more intensely on all skin types, from the lightest to the darkest, without having to wait for the skin first tan. This is due to the contrast effect between the material and the golden skin.

Sale zone

Do not forget that on Asian sites the sizes are slightly smaller than the European ones.

You have to know that there are real bargains if you have the patience to look for in the discount zone.

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