Why Menstrual Periods Aren’t the Most Reliable Indicators Early Pregnancy Signs before Missed Period

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Why Menstrual Periods Aren’t the Most Reliable Indicators

Early Pregnancy Signs before Missed Period

Women will not have their periods every time they are pregnant, but this is not the case all the time. Oftentimes, women experience lighter menstrual period. There are also cases wherein women seem to have their period all throughout pregnancy. There are reasons behind why they experience early pregnancy symptoms before missed period even before they do the tests.  A lot of women have experienced a point wherein their periods are not always regular. Others just use their intuition that there is more behind their missed period.

Women know what is going on with their bodies and they are very much aware of the changes that are taking place. The fatigue feeling or feeling of sickness every morning are signs of pregnancy along with spotting. The bleeding oftentimes makes a woman worry, especially when the color of the blood goes darker than the usual color. Bleeding is an early sign of pregnancy and this is called the implantation bleeding. It is one of those common signs of pregnancy that others do not know about. This occurs due to the effort of the embryo in attaching itself to the wall of the uterine. There might also be abdominal cramps that might be mistaken as menstrual cramps that must last for 1-2 days only.

Early Pregnancy Signs before Missed PeriodIf you will consult a doctor, you will know that when you become pregnant, there shouldn’t be missed periods, but of course there is always an exception to the rule. Women might bleed when they are using birth control pills regularly. Having missed period is just so common among pregnant women. The signs saying that you are pregnant are very common, but not as uncommon as other women, who can go on for weeks without even knowing that they are pregnant.  There are few things associated with the sickly feeling, feeling of stress, weight increase and others when you stop using birth control pills, which might affect your menstrual cycle as well.

Do you know that there are lucky women who went through their pregnancies without nausea, but some missed out some of the most common signs of pregnancy, because they are more focused in dealing with some other signs that are more serious and alarming like heartburn or hot flushes, due to hormonal changes?  Upon knowing that they are pregnant, they will be surprised to know about the good news, since they do not expect that the signs they have had are associated with pregnancy.

The best way to know if you are pregnant or not is to get a home pregnancy test kit and check if you are pregnant or not. These kits were made to measure women’s hCG levels in the urine and deliver a precise result if you are pregnant or not. if you still have doubts after checking with the pregnancy kit, you can call your doctor to discuss the matter. You will be enlightened as soon as you have discussed the matter with your

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