Celebrate 11.11 Zaful Global Festival with big discounts

Zaful Coupon 100$
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Celebrate 11.11 Zaful Global Festival with big discounts

Hello beauties

Today I’m talking about a period of discounts in Asian shops. And because I have a store that I personally purchased a lot of products, I’m bringing it to you.

Zaful is one of my favorite stores. Things are good, prices are pretty ok and what’s more important, the product you get corresponds to the image of the one you selected on the site.

The only thing you have to worry about is choosing the right measures. You already know that I have told you that the Asian measures are much smaller than the European ones, so you have to convert the site and carefully measure it.

11.11 promotions at Zaful

Each Asian store has a few days to celebrate its launch, but they also have a Black Friday of theirs that they celebrate on November 11 when awaiting you with special awards and promotions.

Starting with a few days ago, you can earn points every time you log on to the site. These points will bring discounts on future orders. So I invite you to take advantage of and log in every day until the 11th, even if you do not order anything, you will collect Z points that can later get to half your invoice.

Zaful Z points

Other discounts offered by Zaful on 11.11 are lower prices for products that have been successful this year.

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Zaful Coupon 100$11.11 sale shopping festival on Zaful.com

November 11 is the day when sales simply explode, the cuts are huge, sometimes surpassing those of the black Friday

11.11 is the double day in which Asian e-commerce exceeds all expectations.

How do you take advantage of Day 11.11 on Zaful?

As I said various games and coupons have already begun to run on the site.

In addition to the points you can take daily, the number of them doubled from one day to the next, you can book a $ 100 discount coupon, but you can also book different products that when priced promotions will be reduced to 1.1 $ .

Zaful huge discountNov. 11 (11.11) is notable because it is considered the “Singles’ Day Shopping Festival” in China. On Nov. 11 Zaful promotion from last year on 11.11 sales showed the rising power of all consumer and the increasing presence of e-commerce.

My wishlist for 11.11 Zaful day

For us the girls will be countless discounts on all those dresses that have conquered us throughout the year. But today I will show you a special wishlist, a surprise for my boyfriend.

We girls are used to being selfish, this year I took on sandals, dresses and various accessories, beauty products and some pretty cute jeans. So now I will take advantage, especially as his birthday approaches and will show what I want to buy on 11.11


This jacket is very beautiful, with a sophisticated and elegant design and a very good quality material. I’ve already added it to my cart because it suits my boyfriend perfectly. I chose DARK KHAKI but on the site you can find black or green military, beautiful colors, trendy fashion this season.

parka man Zaful

SIM Card Adapter

Boys are conquered by technology, so a SIM card adapter would be perfect. This way, it can move the card to various devices without any problems.

SIM card adapterOn site you find many accessories such as smartphone covers, chargers or futuristic lamps, everything you need to make happy the man next to you.

Beauty addict

Can not buy anything and not make me a small gift. In this case I chose this 15 Colours Concealer Palette And Foundation Brush. A palette that is nothing lower than some that have the label of a brand. I will definitely order it.

Concealer PaletteYour Wishlist What Contains?

Check in every day and collect points. In 11.11 Zaful will reward you for your fidelity.

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